100 years of history

Le bollicine Perini&Perini sono inconfondibili. Quando il tappo salta e la schiuma riempie i bicchieri, è sempre un momento speciale, una cena romantica, un evento di lavoro, una festa tra amici. 


Scegli i nostri vini e fidati dei nostri abbinamenti consigliati. Ma scoprine anche di nuovi: sperimenta, assaggia, prova.
Perché i nostri vini sono così: si abbinano alla perfezione con la vita, in ogni istante. 

A three-century
family history

There are families that are destined for meeting, joining and leaving a mark in the history of a territory. This is what happened to the Ferrari and Perini families, who met for the first time in 1882 and, from then on, they wrote together the history of Italian and Piacenza wine, later founding the Cantine 4 Valli group, to which Perini&Perini belongs.


It is the year when Achille Ferrari starts winemaking and selling wine of the four Piacenza valleys in the town. It is only a little shop located at the centre of Piacenza, but it is the beginning of a three-century-long family history.
His sons Renato and Delfino Ferrari start working with their father in the firm. The little shop becomes more and more dynamic. Achille has the intuition of gathering the production of the four big Piacenza valleys in a unique winery – and it works well!
The Ferrari family was joined by the Perini family, and as a result of the marriage between Emilio Perini and Marialuisa Ferrari, Cantine 4 Valli was officially born: from this moment on, the two families were indelibly united. Together they will be pioneers of a great international enterprise.
The exportation of the Cantine 4 Valli wines also abroad implies a new change of course. The company moves to Montale to its current location and expands its field of action to the United States as well. The DOC wines Bonarda, Malvasia and Pinot – which are just over five years old – add further prestige to the wines of the winery.
From the cart Achille used to sell bottles in the city to today's large winery that exports all over the world, everything has changed. Except for the passion for wine. The Ferrari and Perini families purchased new vineyards in the valleys, to dedicate to the production of excellence for the restaurant industry: Poggiarello was born.
With the entry of the fourth generation, the company grows and gets organized, turning from a simple family business into a company. The export becomes more and more important and distribution expands to the large-scale retail channel. The seat enlarges thanks to the addition of a large warehouse for storage and logistics.
Cantine 4 Valli employs organic certified grapes: no pesticides, only organic fertilizers, use of biodegradable materials, attention to microclimate, exposure and ground. This allows further improving the quality of its wines and at the same time being friendly with sustainability.
At present Cantine 4 Valli is still a family business. The fifth generation of Ferrari and Perini families has joined their parents to carry on the original project: to produce top quality wines able to represent the Piacenza oenological tradition in the best possible way.
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Piacenza bubbles, with our signature

We choose the best grapes of Piacenza valleys and process them carefully in order to retain all their features and uniqueness.
The exclusive opaque bottle and our signature in the name guarantee they are exclusive wines that never disappoint.

Perini&Perini bubbles are perfect to celebrate every special moment:
an elegant dinner, a business event, a party with friends.
They love good living and lightness and bring smiles and happiness, especially if they are shared.


of the territory

The bond with our territory is very strong: all the Perini&Perini wines are the best expression of the vineyards from which they come.

Few processes
in the winery

Care of the vineyard and love for nature come first: this is the reason why only a few interventions are carried out in the winery.
It is the only way we can preserve the natural features of our selected grapes in the best possible way, and to produce wines that are little works of art.

Perini&Perini Via Luigi Scotti 14, 29122 Piacenza (Italy)